Wonderful Lednice = sights + nature + attractions + services
Good day, dear guests, welcome in Lednice (World Heritage UNESCO, biospherical reserve, pearl of the Earth, garden of Europe, small Versailles, small Italy, sustainable development, cultural landscape, tourism, protection of nature and animals).
Castle Lednice - classical fabulous style, grounded in the 13. century, gradually rebuilt (Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, new Gothic). Access: straight from parking.
Interior of the castle - gorgeous original equipment, wooden stairs, 3 circles (saloons, apartments, images). Access: 1. circle left wing of the castle, 2. and 3. circle right wing of the castle.
Glasshouse - large construction, 80 x 20 m, 250 exotic plant species, tropical and subtropical, lovely palms and blooms, the oldest in Europe. Access: on the right side of the castle.
Garden - French style (a la Versailles), beautiful flowers, flower-beds, ornamental plants and bushes, big hedges. Access: by the side of the castle to the right.
Park - English style (a la Windsor), 574 species of trees from the whole world, pond, islands, Minaret. Access: around glasshouse behind the castle.
Surrounding sights - 37 monuments, Moresque Waterworks, Turbine, Minaret, Cave, Aqueduct, Obelisk, Janohrad, Little Hunting Chateau, Apollo, New Court, Three Graces, Little Fishing Chateau, Saint Hubert, Rendezvous, Colonnade, Little Border Chateau, Little Castles Pohansko and Lany, Little Saint Hill, Stronghold of Girls, Stronghold of Orphans, Stronghold and Cave Turold, Valtice, Mikulov, Breclav, Venus of Vestonice.
Surrounding nature - blue horizons, nice outlooks, green hills, white rocks, steppe flora, vineyards, flood-plain forests, meadows, ways, trails, walks, trips, voyaging, tramping, hiking, biking, Palava (Palava Hills), Fox Hill, bathing (Mill Pond - Apollo, Lakes Musov and Nove Mlyny, bathing establishments in Breclav and Mikulov, aquapark Laa an der Thaya).
Aquarium Malawi - 40000 litres of water, hundreds exotic fish (piranhas, rays, morays). Access: farming part of the castle (left wing), via the court to the right.
Birds of Prey Zayferus - 100 predators (eagles, vultures, condors), exhibition, flight revue. Access: around the glasshouse behind the castle, before the bridge to the right, 200 m.
Birds of Prey Seiferos - 60 predators (bald eagle), exhibition, flight show. Access: at big parking down, across the bridge, straight 100 m, to the right, 200 m.
Horses - rides for adults and children, horses and ponies, in saddle to the country, stays at horses. Access: Hippoclub, road from Lednice to Podivin, 300 m.
Horse carriages - romantic rides though the park. Access: Turbine, Minaret, Janohrad.
Ships - motor flatboats with crew, sightseeing voyages on the Thaya river, refreshment, child's playground. Access: Turbine, Minaret, Janohrad.
Karts GoKart - adults, children, runway, renting, races for groups, pub. Access: Breclav, 1st May street (road from Lednice to Breclav, 8 km, in Postorna at church left, 200 m).
Pension Onyx - pension, restaurant, comfort, wine-vault, cimbalom, celebrations, corporate actions, viny trails. Access: road from Lednice to Bulhary, 800 m from centre of Lednice.
Hippoclub - pension, farm, rural restaurant, nature, celebrations, corporate and school actions, music, horses, carriages, tack. Access: road from Lednice to Podivin, 300 m.
Pension Jordan - neat pension, close to castle, wine-vault, bikes, parking. Access: from council parking straight and left, from big parking up and right.
Little Border Chateau - hotel and restaurant in gorgeous renovated monument of UNESCO, convention hall, sauna, fitness, bikes, barrierless access, calm. Access: road from Lednice towards Valtice, after 3 km turn right to Hlohovec, go through the village to the chateau.
Restaurant Onyx - 50 meals, big portions, child's and dietary meals, rational sustenance, quick attendance, bar, glass, souvenir. Access: above big parking.
First Self-service Restaurant in Lednice - castle refection, food, confectionery, beer self-service, nice view. Access: courtyard, through or around left wing of the castle.
Wine-vault Jordan - 257 years old, selling, pergola. Access: from municipal parking straight and left, from big parking up and right.
Wine-shops - Moravian wines, Fortification Wine-cellar, selling, cimbalom. Access: Lednice - left wing of castle or entrance from road to Podivin, Valtice - Wine House or in castle.
Wines of Sedlec - our wines enjoyed Queen Elizabeth, sunny wines, wine-vault, pergola, child's playground. Access: from Lednice to Mikulov, to Sedlec, to Nesyt.

Information, reservations, orders, accommodation, food, attractions, wine-vaults, wine, stum, plum brandy, dulcimer music, accordion-player, song-book of Moravian, Czech and Slovak folk songs.
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