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Winter sunset, Mono Lake, CA
Winter evening, Mono Lake

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Welcome! With the World Wide Web as a window, I am pleased to share some of my images of our beautiful world. Be sure to return every now and then for new photos, tips, and trips.

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Stock photos are the smart alternative to maintaining your own library of images, only a few of which you will ever need. Only pay for what you actually use. Click here for more information and to fill out and submit our query form. All photos are ©Stan White Photography and may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without permission.
National Parks Sun, Sky and Clouds
Seasons The Wild West
Bodie, California

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Assignment Photography
We can handle a variety of assignment situations. Please click and send us an email to the email address, so we can address your specific requirements.

Freelance Articles/Photography
Stories and photos featuring great places to enjoy the mountains, the deserts, and just about any place else I get to visit. Check out my story on cleaning up your outdoor act; Backcountry Bathing.

Photo Tips and Trips

These photos include information on how they were made. I hope you find the tips useful and the photos enjoyable. The current outdoor story is Backcountry Bathing, or how to get clean without making the outdoors dirty. Check it out!
Where To Shoot
Though there are plenty of photo opportunities in our own backyards, it's always fun to get out there somewhere else. For the outdoors types, here is some information on places to go to put the best scenery in the world before your lens.
Other Web Photo Sites
I don't have a corner on the Web photo information market. Here are links to some other cool photography sites
California Weather And Highway Conditions
It isn't always as nice in California as popular myth leads us to believe. Knowing what to expect from the weather can help make your outdoor photo trip successful, and it's a must before venturing into the back country. Visit WebWeather to check on the latest conditions.

If you are driving, your trip will be more pleasant if you check California highway conditions before departing.

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